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About Us


e are a family of a long time experienced enthusiastic and passionate travelers. Within a number of years we visited many countries in the world as a couple and then continued our favorite hobby together with our lovely baby girl. Organizing our trips, we collected a lot of useful tips and tricks to share with other travelers. We clearly understood how to really save money planning our holidays.

Most importantly, we know where to hook the lowest prices for high quality services!

That’s why we decided to build a website that could be the useful resource helping people to save literally about a half of the money they usually spend going for a vacation. And we did it and named the website as Hoflica.

HOFLICA stands for Ho(tels), Fli(ghts), Ca(rs).

We entered into partnership with the companies, who's services we have been using for many years, and implemented their technical tools (search engines) directly into our website. We knew that the built-in search tools will facilitate the use of website for our visitors and will not let them be confused. At the same time, we also clearly understood that the trust and security are very important factors. We wanted our visitors to be ensured that they are safe and fully protected when purchasing through the links on our website. That's why the visitors are always redirected to our partners' websites to finalize a booking and make the payment. 

You buy the best flight and hotel offers from the trusted and reputable agencies. We just help you to search and get informed about the deal.

Thus, we have the technical tools to grab the secret lowest prices in real time and display results using the booking engine at our website. We monitor the crazy lowest prices on a daily basis and publish them in our blog.

Now you have a chance to book a flight ticket or a hotel room up to 80% cheaper than elsewhere!

Our help is free for you. As already said above, we only show you price search results on our site. Once you decide to buy anything and click a button, you will be transferred to a trusted agency where the wanted price is available.


The cheapest offers are always unfortunately available for a limited time only. The sweet prices for airline tickets might hugely change in an hour or two. The hotel room discounts are also very short-term deals. Subscribe to our mailing list to be personally notified about cheapest prices immediately after publishing on the site!

In addition to the cheapest airline ticket and hotel room availability monitoring and immediate publishing of the hot deals on our website, we also offer low-cost car rental and transfer offers from the trusted and reliable partner companies. We used their services for a number of years ourselves. Now we have also integrated their search engines into our website. For your convenience, we include direct links to their cheapest offers specific for every flight deal post to any destination.

We are a family of native Russians living in Finland (EU). We reside in the small country, but hopefully do the great job 🙂

Inna Tselykh

M.Sci (economics), manager of the project. Tasks: price monitoring, analysis, hotels selection, photography, trips planning, social media

Timofey Tselykh

PhD (medical genetics), head of the project. Tasks: price monitoring, analysis, blogging, email marketing, content marketing, social media.

Yours Timofey and Inna.