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3 days left: 300.000 cheap flight tickets to all AirBaltic destinations
AirBaltic continues super flash sale! Cheap airline tickets to ALL airBaltic destinations are available till December 11th, 2016. Book your ticket using our rich-featured flights search engine!
3 best airline companies for traveling with children
Traveling with children is a challenging task for many parents. We have analysed answers to questionnaire sent earlier to all subscribers of our email list and sorted out the airline companies, which are chosen by most of the parents.
10 things you should avoid doing on the board of aircraft
One might think that the most important task during a flight is to get rid of aerophobia, the fear of flying. However, there are other rules everyone is advised to follow while being on the board of aircraft.
How to buy cheap airline tickets?
It is already clear for a long time that nobody wants to overpay for flight tickets. Moreover, everybody is willing to purchase a airline tickets as cheap as possible. Nevertheless, even being the cheap one, the airfare ticket must be the best one...
Passengers of British Airways aircraft were hispitalised due to smoke poisoning
CBC News reported that a plane of British Airways flying from San Francisco to London has made an emergency landing at the airport in Vancouver because of the smoke on board of aircraft poisoning passengers and crew.
Autumn sale from Alitalia (2.000.000 available seats)
Hurry up! Autumn sale from Alitalia. Special offers to all destinations from various departure regions!